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  • The school follows CBSE curriculum
  • The academic framework gives equal importance to Scholastic and Co-Scholastic education which leads to the holistic development of the students
  • Regular Parents-Teacher-Meetings ensure better coordination and ways to improve children’s performance and their progress
  • Diverse teaching-learning styles are implemented to support individuality while creating learning opportunities for all

Our Teaching Strategies:

  • Thought provoking and innovative content and subject matter created lesson plans for all our learners
  • Centrally created lesson plans with clear cut instructions to teachers on what to teach ,how and when  during the Course timeline
  • Enhanced lesson plans with imbedded ICT, audio –visual components, activities and group discussions
  • Continuous and comprehensive assessments carried out in a learner centric approach, aiming to test not just the knowledge acquisition of the students but also his/her understanding aptitude and progress vis-s-vis the learning objective
  • facilitate independent, critical, and creative thinking
  • encourage effective collaboration
  • increase student  motivation, emotional skills and performance through life skill lessons
  • Math Gym, a specially developed curriculum to enhance the mathematical learning of students and enhance the speed and accuracy in solving problems

Our Teaching Pedagogies Include:

  • Research/Project-based learning
  • Role Plays and Storytelling
  • Experiential learning
  • Collaborative learning
  • Art –integration
  • Building Reading Skills