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Secretary's Message:

“To be inspired is great, but to inspire is an honor” -Stacey T. Hunt

It gives me immense pleasure to nurture the future generations of the nation and a sense of satisfaction to see the great execution by the team as per the vision and mission of the school.

We at GNPLS believe in complete cognitive and cumulative development of a child. We believe that conventional learning can no longer build our foundation and thus new ideas alone can shape a new tomorrow. We consider education to be beyond textbooks and exams, an integrated holistic approach that opens minds, nurture skills, cultivates values and unleashes every child’s potential.

In this shifting paradigm, it is important to equip our future leaders with social, emotional, and leadership skills.

We at GNPLS  believe in imparting 21st- century skills to its scholars.

The school provides several opportunities to instill competitive spirits amongst the students and transform the budding flowers into responsible citizens of the nation by equipping scholars with integrity, honesty, ethics, determination, and perseverance.

Along with the dedication of our well-qualified staff, we believe in continuing to provide quality education. In this journey, we look forward to parents support and collaborative effort.

We therefore intend to provide a welcoming, caring atmosphere where everyone is included, valued and celebrated.

Our pedagogy;

“Education must be cultivated not force fed.” By Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr

Pankaj Joshi


Greater Noida Podar Learn School