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At Podar, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality education possible. Our Lesson plans and exams are created by our highly experienced Podar Innovation Centre, ensuring that your child receives the best possible education.

With over 96 years of experience in education, 139 schools across the country and over 2,00,000 students – Podar’s curriculum is a result of many innovations, learning and unlearning of concepts, teaching and curriculum.

Here are the three important things that keep the Podar Curriculum immaculate:

1. The Podar Innovation Centre

Podar Education Group was established in 1927 with the goal of providing quality education to every child, regardless of location. As the Podar Group expanded across the country, it became essential to maintain and improve the quality of education.

In 2008, the Podar Innovation Centre (PIC) was created by five experienced individuals who were not only knowledgeable in their field but also passionate and eager to bring about change. PIC has since grown to include a team of over 80 experts in academia, education and more who work together to enhance teaching and learning experiences at various levels within the Podar educational system – from  pre-primary school all the way up to senior secondary school.

What are the advantages of having a centralized unit creating curricula for all?

The advantage of having a centralized and standardized system is that it allows for the Podar standard of education to be consistent no matter which school a student attends. The PIC team is responsible for developing the curriculum, including selecting textbooks and creating lesson plans with the help of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). They also formulate worksheets, design question papers and internal assessments, and develop guidelines for activities, projects and lab work. By taking all of these steps, they ensure that only the best content is provided to our students.

Other than that, the team aims to provide all kinds of academic support to children that are associated with the Podar Education Network.

2. The Podar Curriculum and Content

The Podar Innovation Centre (PIC) is known for its curriculum and content development that follows the guidelines of different boards like CBSE, ICSE, etc.

The Podar System of Education not only values the child as a strong individual but also recognizes the potential every child has. We believe that every child is curious and wants to understand the world around him/her. Our curriculum is designed to help children grow and think by giving them the opportunities to reflect, solve problems, and create something new. The core elements of our curriculum are as follows:

    • The Inquiry Approach:

All subjects are taught using an inquiry-based learning approach that engages learners with visuals, presentation formats, and activities designed to arouse curiosity. This teaching method allows learners to better understand key concepts by utilizing skills such as procedural manipulation, observation, drawing, reporting, and interpretation.

    • Focus on Problem Solving Skills:

We involve learners in identifying problems, applying previous knowledge to solve problems, reasoning and formulating conclusions. This helps learners develop a basic ability to solve problems and apply their learning’s in real life and new situations. Due to this, they develop deeper understanding of concepts by solving problems.

    • Inculcating The Thinking Approach:

To produce excellent thinkers, we engage our learners in a curriculum that overlaps the logical and the imaginative. This provides students with ample opportunities to practise higher -order thinking.

3. Thematic Learning Programs by PIC:

The Theme Based Approach is a teaching and learning method that connects different areas of the curriculum within a central theme. This approach emphasizes interactive, hands-on experiences that are relevant and meaningful to students. It is important that lesson plans and activities are based on real-life experiences to make the learning process more relatable.

Thematic units provide a coordinated and effective approach to education and learning. Children are able to relate to real-world experiences and build on prior knowledge of a topic. Thematic units also help teachers by paving a way to facilitating learning for each child who has his/her own way of learning things. By using a thematic unit, teachers are able to more easily adjust their instruction to meet the needs of all students in the class.

This is what makes Podar Curriculum stand out and perfect for your child. It is designed to focus on the holistic development of your child; the backbone of this curriculum is about 80 great academicians and unparalleled experience in education for over 96 years.

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